Manee Kenya Director- Sylvestor Muthama (Centre)1 Manee Kenya Officials Issuing face masks to  ABC kyangoma delegates during a recent programme event 2 ABC KYANGOMA DELEGATES3 Manee Kenya Officials and ABC Kyangoma delegates group Photo4

Our latest programs


To provide coordinated activities with health and welfare agencies to meet the needs of community.

Clean Water and sanitation

Nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water....

Hunger & Food Security

One in eight people in the developing world do not have enough to eat. Many poor farmers are unable....

Teach Biblical moral values

Our Christian faith is central to who we are, and we follow Jesus example, development and evangelism...


To create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, provide care and support to the needy in the society and enhance their ability to overcome contemporary social economic problems.



A world where everyone has a decent environment to live.



Manee Kenya NGO is a faith based/ Non Governmental Organization that was formed and registered in 2005 as a National NGO and on 8th Oct 2010 changed the status to international to address contemporary social economic challenges facing immerging communities in developing countries around the world.


Key Partners

Manee Kenya is in Collaboration with:

  • Africa Brotherhood Church

  • Discipleship International

  • I Choose Life

  • United States Agency International Development